Animals & Interpersonal Violence

The evidence of a link between animal cruelty and violence toward people—including child abuse, intimate partner violence, and other types of criminal violence—is compelling. In the vast majority of cases, animal cruelty is just one aspect of a social environment marked by violence—and animal abuse may be one of the first indicators for children, families, and communities at-risk.

The Animals & Interpersonal Violence Interest Group will focus on the research, practice, programs, and policies in this area, providing scholarly leadership to an increasingly important field of study. Because the topics of animals and interpersonal violence intersects with other professional areas of research and practice—women’s issues, child and family welfare, violence prevention, law enforcement, training for mental health professionals, and others—this interest group plans to initiate joint projects with other Sections, Divisions, and professional groups as appropriate.

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Melissa Trevathan-Minnis
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