Governing Body:

Lori KoganChair. View Lori's bio.

Phyllis Erdman, Past Chair. View Phyllis' bio.

Taylor ChastainSecretary and Student Representation Initiative. View Taylor's bio.

Camille DeBellTreasurer.

Emily EcclesMember-at-Large (Social Media).

Aubrey Fine, Member-at-Large (General). View Aubrey's bio.

Maya Gupta, Historical Advisor. View Maya's bio.

Molly Jenkins, Member-at-Large (Website Content). View Molly's bio.

Amy Johnson, Member-at-Large (AAT/AAA Competencies Committee). View Amy's bio.

Betz King, Member-at-Large (Emotional Support Animals Position Statement Committee). View Betz's bio.

Lisa LunghoferMembership Manager. View Lisa's bio.

Philip Marshall, Member-at-Large (Newsletter). View Philip's bio.

Shelby McDonaldMember-at-Large [Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Committee]. View Shelby's bio.

Cara Miller, Member-at-Large (IDEA Committee). View Cara's bio.

Karen Schaefer, Research Advisor. View Karen's bio.

Katy Schroeder, Member-at-Large (Social Media). View Katy's bio.

Melissa TrevathanMember-at-Large (Social Media). View Melissa's bio.

Student Representative:

Sonya Snyder, Student Representative. View Sonya's bio.