COVID-19 and Pets

Greetings everyone. As you read this, we hope that you and your human and animal family are doing well and staying safe. During this time of COVID-19, our lives have been impacted in numerous ways and many of us feel uncertain about the near and distant future. Yet, one thing remains a constant – our love for our pets. We recognize, now perhaps more than ever, that our pets offer us much needed support, love and companionship.

There are many questions and concerns related to pets and the changes brought about by COVID-19, and we hope to address some of these in the following short document. We start by talking about concerns related to catching or giving your pet COVID-19 and how to protect your pets if you are sick.

We then discuss some veterinary care challenges you might be experiencing right now including financial concerns and changes to your veterinary clinic’s protocols and the impact these things might have on your veterinary care choices. Taking your pet to the veterinarian during these times involves some new considerations, and this is especially relevant for those facing the already difficult decision to euthanize.

We know that this is a time when extra support and accurate timely information is needed, and we hope you will find this resource to be helpful.