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Adaptive Riding Incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Elements for Youth with Anxiety: Fidelity Outcomes

Pages 45-59, Volume 9, No. 3

Lauren Seibel 1; Robin Peth-Pierce 2; Meghan Morrissey 1; Mary Acri 1; Dana E.M. Seag 1; Fei Guo 3; Kimberly E. Hoagwood 1

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Advancing the Science and Practice of Equine-assisted Services through Community-Academic Partnerships

Pages 30-44, Volume 9, No. 3

Beth Fields 1, B. Caitlin Peters 2, Tamara Merritt 3, & Shannon Meyers 4

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The Characteristics and Motivations of Human Volunteers of Animal-Assisted Interventions

Pages 99-114, Volume 10, No. 2

Corinne Syrnyk and Alisa McArthur

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Effects of Human-Animal Interactions on Affect and Cognition

Pages 73-98, Volume 10, No. 2

Elise R. Thayer & Jeffrey R. Stevens

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Community Awareness of Assistance Dog Public Access Rights among Australian Adults

Pages 48-72, Volume 10, No. 2

Tiffani J. Howell and Pauleen C. Bennett

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A Transactional Analysis of Occupational Therapy in an Equine Environment for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pages 1-29, Volume 9, No. 3

B. Caitlin Peters 1, Christof Bentele 2, and Wendy Wood 3

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Exploring Benefits of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs): A Longitudinal Pilot Study with Adults with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Pages 1-19, Volume 10, No. 2

Janet Hoy-Gerlach1, Aviva Vincent 2, Barry Scheuermann 3, and Mamta Ojha 4

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Comparing the Effect of Human-Dog Interactions and Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Self-Report and Physiological Measures of Stress

Pages 68-83, Volume 10, No. 1

Nicole L. Beasley, Greg C Elvers, Roger N. Reeb, and Hannah L. Torok

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The Human-Dog Bond as a Mediator in the Relationship Between Loneliness and Emotional Well-Being

Pages 44-67, Volume 10, No. 1

Caroline Jane Allen & Rachel Caroline Hogg

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The Effect of Interaction with a Dog on Heart Rate Variability based on Lorenz Plot Analysis

Pages 84-99, Volume 10, No. 1

Izuru Nose1, Kaori Masamoto2, Asami Tsuchida3, Mikiya Hayashi4, Mami Irimajiri1,5, and Miki Kakinuma1

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Social Interaction during Dog and Robot Group Sessions for Nursing Home Residents with Dementia: the Handler Effect.

Volume 9, No. 1: Pages 128-146

Lonneke GJA Schuurmans 1,2, Inge Noback 1, Jos MGA Schols 3,4, Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers 1

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Impacts of Dog Ownership and Attachment on Total and Dog-related Physical Activity in Germany

Pages 22-43, Volume 10, No. 1

Hielscher, Benedikt1,2, Ganslosser, Udo2, and Froboese, Ingo1

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The Effect of a Dog Assisted Reading Program on the Reading Ability and Motivation of Children with Dyslexia

Pages 1-26, Volume 9, No. 2

Leilani B. Goodmon1, Pippa R. Burnett1, Renee Pack1, & Rebecca Powell2

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Noah's Syndrome: Systematic Review of Animal Hoarding Disorder

Pages 1-22, Volume 10, No. 1

Zaida Nadal, Mónica Ferrari, Julián Lora, Alicia Revollo, Florencia Nicolas, Santiago Astegiano, & Marcos Díaz Videla

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A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Dog-Handler-Client Interactions in Animal Assisted Activities for Children, Youth and Young Adults

Pages 62-91, Volume 9, No. 2

Renata P. S. Roma1, Christine Yvette Tardif-Williams1, Shannon A. Moore1, & Sandra L. Bosacki2

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Human-Animal Co-sleeping Practices among Australian Dog Owners

Pages 63-77; Vol. 9, No. 2

Christy L. Hoffman1, Peta C. Hazelton2, and Bradley P. Smith 2

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Working Out with F.I.D.O. (Frequency, Intensity, Duration, & Outcomes): A Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial

Volume 9, No. 1: Pages 76-127

Clarise Lim, Joan Wharf Higgins, & Ryan E. Rhodes

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