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Human-Animal Interaction Interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes: A Decade of Progress

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 1-2

Marguerite E. O'Haire & Alan M. Beck

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Overview of Centers and Institutes for Human-Animal Interaction in the United States

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 3-22

Marguerite E. O'Haire1, Jessica Bibbo1, Christy L. Hoffman2, Megan K. Mueller3, Zenithson Y. Ng4 & Virginia A. Buechner-Maxwell5

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Animal-Assisted Interventions: Taxonomy and Best Practices

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 24-36

Melissa Y. Winkle1 & Deborah E. Linder2

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Guide to Human-Animal Interaction Education

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 37-46

Phyllis Erdman1, Megan. R. LaFollette2, Netzin G. Steklis3, H. Dieter Steklis3, Monique Germone4 & Lori R. Kogan5

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The Background to Human-Animal Interaction (HAI) Research

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 47-62

Alan M. Beck1, Sandra Barker2, Nancy R. Gee3, James A. Griffin4* & Rebecca Johnson5

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The State of Assessment in Human-Animal Interaction Research

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 63-81

Kerri E. Rodriguez1, Noémie A. Guérin1, Robin L. Gabriels2, James A. Serpell3, Pamela J. Schreiner4 & Marguerite E. O'Haire1

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Multicultural Considerations in AAI

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 82-104

Georgitta Valiyamattam1, Mariko Yamamoto2, Leticia Fanucchi3 & Feiran Wang4

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Fostering a More Humane University Environment Through Course Work, Service-Learning, and Animal-Assisted Interventions and Activities

Volume 6, No. 3: Pages 105-117

Aubrey H. Fine1, Philip Tedeschi2, Teal Mackintosh3 & Jane Boone4

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