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The Effect of a Dog Assisted Reading Program on the Reading Ability and Motivation of Children with Dyslexia

Pages 1-26, Volume 9, No. 2

Leilani B. Goodmon1, Pippa R. Burnett1, Renee Pack1, & Rebecca Powell2

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Noah's Syndrome: Systematic Review of Animal Hoarding Disorder

Pages 1-22, Volume 10, No. 1

Zaida Nadal, Mónica Ferrari, Julián Lora, Alicia Revollo, Florencia Nicolas, Santiago Astegiano, & Marcos Díaz Videla

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A Transdisciplinary Perspective on Dog-Handler-Client Interactions in Animal Assisted Activities for Children, Youth and Young Adults

Pages 62-91, Volume 9, No. 2

Renata P. S. Roma1, Christine Yvette Tardif-Williams1, Shannon A. Moore1, & Sandra L. Bosacki2

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Human-Animal Co-sleeping Practices among Australian Dog Owners

Pages 63-77; Vol. 9, No. 2

Christy L. Hoffman1, Peta C. Hazelton2, and Bradley P. Smith 2

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Working Out with F.I.D.O. (Frequency, Intensity, Duration, & Outcomes): A Feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial

Volume 9, No. 1: Pages 76-127

Clarise Lim, Joan Wharf Higgins, & Ryan E. Rhodes

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The Anodyne-Agent Model: A Framework for Conceptualizing the Animal’s Role in Animal-Assisted Intervention

Volume 9, No. 1: Pages 55-75

Angela K. Fournier 1, Elizabeth A. Letson 1, Thomas D. Berry3, Jennifer Laitala 2, Lauren Proels 1, & Kelli Kavanaugh 1

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Psychophysiological effects of human-dog interaction in university students exposed to a stress-induced situation using the Trier Social Stress Test (TSST).

Volume 8, No. 2: Pages 91-105

Rafael Martos-Montes1, David Ordóñez-Pérez2, Jesús Ruiz-Maatallah2, and Miriam Martínez-Cobos1

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Human-Animal-Environment Interactions and Self-Regulation in Youth with Psychosocial Challenges: Initial Assessment of the Green Chimneys Model

Volume 8, No. 2: Pages 53-65

Erin Flynn1, Megan K. Mueller2, Denise Luft3, G. John Geldhof4, Steve Klee3, Philip Tedeschi1, and Kevin N. Morris1

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Stress Reduction in Law Enforcement Officers and Staff through a Canine-Assisted Intervention

Volume 8, No. 2: Pages 34-52

John-Tyler Binfet, Ph.D.1, Zakary A. Draper2, & Freya L. L. Green1

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Rationalizing the Many Uses of Animals: Application of the 4N Justifications Beyond Meat

Volume 8, No. 1: Pages 1-22

Jared Piazza, Lucy Cooper, & Shannon Slater-Johnson

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Examining the Effect of an Animal-Assisted Intervention on Patient Distress in Outpatient Cystoscopy

Volume 8, No. 1: Pages 23-37

Sandra Barker1, Sarah Krzastek1, 3, Rebecca Vokes1, 5, Christine Schubert2, Lauren Folgosa Cooley1, 4 & Lance J. Hampton1

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The Relationship Between Humane Interactions with Animals, Empathy, and Prosocial Behavior among Children

Volume 8, No. 1: Pages 38-49

Matthew Wice1, Namrata Goyal2, Nicole Forsyth3, Karly Noel3 & Emanuele Castano4

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Practitioners Corner

Volume 8, No. 1: Pages 93-100

Phyllis Erdman1, Amy Johnson2 & Lynette Arnason Hart3

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Bridging the Gap between Personality-Social Psychology and Human-Animal Interaction Research

Volume 8, No. 3: Pages 1-2

1Anthony E. Coy & 2Christopher J. Holden

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"Thriving Through Relationships" as a useful adjunct to existing theoretical frameworks used in human-companion dog interaction literature

Volume 8, No. 3: Pages 3-22

Jennifer Gravrok1, Dan Bendrups2, Tiffani Howell1 & Pauleen C. Bennett1

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Human Helping of Animals: What Motivates It?

Volume 8, No. 3: Pages 23-34

Lauren E. Highfill & Mark H. Davis

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Do Domestic Cats (Felis silvestris catus) infer Reputation in Humans after Direct and Indirect Experience?

Volume 8, No. 3: Pages 35-53

Jessica Leete, Jennifer Vonk, Silvia Oriani, Taryn Eaton & Jennifer Lieb

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