Book Review:"When Man Meets Dog: What a difference a dog makes"

A. Matamonasa-Bennett

Poet Robert Frost is quoted as saying, "No tears for the writer, no tears for the reader (Hopkins, 1960)." The emotional stories of canine-human relationships shared by Chris Blazina in "When Man Meets Dog" provide ample evidence of this concept in tears shared by both. In previous book reviews in this journal, I have often written about the power of story to inspire dialogue as well as action in readers. We are hard wired for story (Cron, 2012), and from the standpoint of evolution and psychology, this is the most powerful way that we, as humans, learn. This book impacted me personally and professionally in a number of ways, and while reading in public spaces, there were several sections (notably the end of Chapter 5 and Postscript p.144) where I found myself overcome with emotion --crying.

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Keywords: book review
Posted in 2016, Volume 4, No. 2