Fostering a More Humane University Environment Through Course Work, Service-Learning, and Animal-Assisted Interventions and Activities

Aubrey H. Fine1, Philip Tedeschi2, Teal Mackintosh3 & Jane Boone4

1California Poly State University, Pomona, California
2University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work- Institute for Human - Animal Connection, Denver, Colorado
3PGSP-Stanford Psy.D. Consortium, Palo Alto, California
4Board Member - Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver; Advisory Board Member - Institute for the Human-Animal Connection

Incorporating coursework on animal-assisted interventions and human animal interactions has become a viable option for students in higher education. These educational opportunities appear to enhance the quality of education the students receive as well as improve the experience of students struggling to transition to a college environment. The article focuses on some the benefits that are derived including service learning opportunities, animal visitation programs, and curriculums focusing on human animal interactions.

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Keywords: animal visitation programs, human animal bond courses, humane education, service learning, therapy animals
Posted in 2018, Volume 6, No. 3