Book Review:"The Identification, Assessment and Treatment of Adults Who Abuse Animals: The AniCare Approach"

A. Matamonasa-Bennett

Animals and Society Institute, Springer

This volume is the second edition of the adult version of the AniCare approach to the assessment and treatment of animal abuse handbook that was published in 1998 (Jory and Randour, 1998). The AniCare approach was based on an adaptation of Brian Jory's Intimate Justice theory for domestic violence perpetrators (Jory and Anderson, 1999; Jory, Anderson, & Greer, 1997) and focused on abusers moving from refusing to take responsibility for their actions to taking responsibility and recognizing their impact. The AniCare approach recognizes that violence against animals (and humans) is a complex phenomena with varying forms and degrees of severity, presence of pathology and part of a larger social, cultural and economic context. To address this complexity the authors acknowledge the ineffectiveness of a "one-size fits all" approach and rather the need for a set of principles and tools that can be adapted for the treatment of this behavior in its various presentations. This second volume is greatly expanded to incorporate the more recent empirical literature on the psychology of animal abuse (Ascione and Shapiro, 2009) recent innovations in psychotherapy and the experience gained in the training and utilization of the AniCare model since the first edition was published.

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Keywords: identification, treatment
Posted in 2017, Volume 5, No. 1