HAIB – Ahead of Publication Abstracts

The following articles have been accepted and will be published in upcoming HAIB editions. Click the titles below to view abstracts.

Examining the Effect of an Animal-Assisted Intervention on Patient Distress in Outpatient Cystoscopy
Sandra B. Barker, Sarah C. Krzastek, Rebecca A. Vokes, Christine M. Schubert 4, Lauren Folgosa Cooley, & Lance J. Hampton

The Psychological Processes Involved in the Development of a High-Quality Relation with one’s Dog
Lonneke Vink and Arie Dijkstra

Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Equine-assisted Early Intervention for Mother- Child Dyads with Insecure Attachment
Denise V. Hebesberger, Andrea Beetz, Henri Julius, Kerstin Uvnäs-Moberg, and Kurt Kotrschal

Impact of adaptive devices on horses, assisting persons, and riders with cerebral palsy in a therapeutic riding program
Lana Kaiser, Mathew J. Edick, Katherine Smith Buckler, Camie Heleski, Sherman Gorbis, Bonnie DePue, Liz Lewis, adn LeeAnn J. Kaiser 

Homelessness and Animal Companionship in Bloomington
Christine H. Kim

Effect of pet interaction on stress reduction and positive mood Enhancement among pet-owners and non-owners
Aliya Khalid and Saadia Dildar

Attachment to Dogs and Cats in Germany. Translation of the Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale (LAPS) and Description of the Pet Owning Population in Germany
Hielscher, B.; Gansloßer, U.; Froboese, I.

The Knowledge of Animals as Food Scale
Silke Feltz and Adam Feltz

No Pets Allowed: Landlord Attitudes Towards Pets in a Small Canadian City
Carla Krachun, McLennon J. G. Wilson andJoshua Hoddinott

Canine Complements to Psychological First Aid
Yvonne Eaton-Stull and Craig Sewall

The Impact of a Care Recipient’s Pet on Caregiving Burden, Satisfaction, and Mastery: A Pilot Investigation
Jessica Bibbo and Christine M. Proulx

Rationalizing the Many Uses of Animals: Application of the 4N Justifications Beyond Meat
Jared Piazza, Lucy Cooper, and Shannon Slater-Johnson