HAIB – Ahead of Publication Abstracts

The following articles have been accepted and will be published in upcoming HAIB editions. Click the titles below to view abstracts.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Traditional Psychosocial and Canine-Assisted Interventions for Children with ADHD
Sabrina E.B. Schuck, Natasha A. Emmerson, Maryam M. Abdullah, Aubrey H. Fine, Annamarie Stehli, and Kimberley D. Lakes

Development of the Bonding with Dog Checklist (BoDC)
Sarah C. Martinez, Annmarie Cano, Rita J. Casey, Amy Johnson, Dana May, and Lee H. Wurm

Examining the impact of a brief human-canine interaction on stress and attention.
Jonathan B. Banks, Caitlin McCoy, and Courtney Trzcinski  

Human-Animal Interaction and Metaphor in Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy: Empirical Support for the EAGALA Model
Angela K. Fournier, Elizabeth A. Letson, Thomas D. Berry, and Emma Leigh Pasiuk

Experimental trial demonstrates effects of animal-assisted stress prevention program on college students’ positive and negative emotion
Patricia Pendry, Alexa M. Carr, Stephanie M. Roeter, and Jaymie L. Vandagriff

Treating Pets Well: The Role of Attachment Anxiety and Avoidance
Anthony E. Coy and Jeffrey D. Green

Effects of a Therapy Dog Program on the Wellbeing of Older Veterans Living in a Long Term Care Residence
Colleen Anne Dell, Darlene Chalmers, James Gillett, Megan Steeves, Betty Rohr, Barbara Fornssler, Alicia Husband, Holly McKenzie, Oluwatomisin Iwajomo, and Chelsea Nickel

An Examination of the Possible Physical Activity and Short-Term Health Benefits Associated With Dog Walking
Nikolina M. Duvall Antonacopoulos and Timothy A. Pychyl

Therapeutic horseback riding as a complementary intervention for military service members with PTSD
Beth A. Lanning, Amelia L. Wilson, Robert Woelk, and Alexander Beaujean

Household Cats and Children’s Mental Health
Moira R. Riley, Bonita Gibb, and Anne Gadomski

The effects of dog-owner relationship on the perceived stress and happiness
Mónica Teresa González-Ramírez, Lucía del Carmen Quezada-Berumen, Minerva Vanegas-Farfano, and René Landero-Hernández

Impact of adaptive devices on horses, assisting persons, and riders with cerebral palsy in a therapeutic riding program
Lana Kaiser, Mathew J. Edick, Katherine Smith Buckler, Camie Heleski, Sherman Gorbis, Bonnie DePue, Liz Lewis, adn LeeAnn J. Kaiser